Thursday 4 June 2015

Cap Jazz Students Entertain at Capilano Suspension Bridge

Its time once again for another story on the many wonderful things that our students and grads are doing.

For the past few years, Cap Jazz students have been entertaining visitors at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  The historic bridge is a major tourist attraction for our region and the music made by our students is a big part of the experience.

Student bands work throughout the spring and summer playing at least five sets of thirty minutes of music each day as well as helping out by interacting with guest and giving tours. The musicians dress in period costumes recalling the 19th century origins of the bridge and they perform in a variety of styles including folk, blues, celtic, and bluegrass.  Seven of the nine performers on staff are current students in the B.Mus in Jazz Studies program: Madeleine Elkins (banjo), Derek Maroney (bass), James Prescott (bass), Trevor Bernard (guitar), Kyle Hayes (guitar) Chris Roberts (drums), Ivan Barbou (drums).  Fiddler and singer, Clarice Scop is a student in Capilano U’s Music Diploma program. 

Cap Jazz grad, Mike Meroniuk, (BMus 2013) is an experienced veteran of the bridge entertainment crew and plays mandolin.  Mike also plays with the highly successful folk/rock group, Greg Drummond Band, and will be touring across western Canada with them this summer.  Speaking of his experience playing music at the Bridge, Mike says, “Not only does this job provide us with a ton of live performance experience but it allows us to work on teaching and speaking to large groups of people.“  Very valuable skills indeed.

It is really great to see Cap Jazz students out there showing their musical skill and versatility and making music with their friends.  One of the most important roles that a music school can play is to help create a community of musicians and a network of people that will be lifelong colleagues and collaborators.  These students demonstrate just how well this is happening at Cap.