Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cap Jazz Grads Head for Grad School

Where do graduates go?  To graduate school of course! Well, at least some of them do.

Meghan Gilhespy (photo Vincent Lim)
We are very pleased that some of our highly skilled and hard working Cap Jazz grads have been accepted to graduate programs this year at some of North America's top music schools. MMus program provide an opportunity for musicians to refine their skills, expand their horizons, connect with peers from across the globe, and to develop a personal approach to their music. In many cases, they also provide opportunities to gain teaching and administrative experience, both of which will be very important in possible future careers in music education. We are extremely proud of all these fine musicians and wish them all the best for their future.

Leo Bae (piano, BMus 2015) will attend University of Oregon for his MMus is Jazz Studies.  Leo has been offered a teaching fellowship and full tuition waiver.
Meghan Gihespy (voice, BMus 2015) will attend the University of Manitoba for her MMus in Jazz Meghan has been offered a full tuition scholarship plus scholarship funds.
Thomas Houlden (trumpet, BMus 2015) will also attend University of Toronto for his MMus in Jazz Studies.
Brent Mah (saxophone, BMus 2013) will attend Rutgers University (New Jersey) for his MMus in Jazz Studies. Brent has been offered a full tuition scholarship.
John Nicholson (saxophone, BMus 2015) will attend University of Toronto for his MMus in Jazz Studies.
Lyle Hopkins (photo Vincent Lim)

Other Cap Jazz grads currently attending graduate programs include:

Cary Campbell, Simon Fraser University, PhD  Arts Education
Daniel Hersog, New England Conservatory, MMus Jazz Studies
Lyle Hopkins, University of Oregon, MMus  Jazz Studies
Duncan Maunders, University of BC, MMus  Composition
Brittany Mielnichuk, University of Manitoba, MMus Choral Conducting

Thomas Houlden (photo ??)
Leo Bae (photo Vincent Lim)
John Nicholson (photo Vincent Lim)

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Narwhal performs Carnatic Music/Jazz Fusion concert

The Capilano Jazz Studies program is not only a place where students can learn about jazz and its traditions, but also a place where they can explore the intersections of jazz with other forms of music and imagine what jazz might become in the future.

Students in the Narwhal ensemble spent the first half of the Spring semester working with Carnatic musicians Vidyasagar Vankayala (voice) and Curtis Andrews (drums).  Cap instructor and Narwhal director, Dr. Jared Burrows, arranged compositions from the Carnatic (South Indian Classical) tradition for the ensemble and fused that music with some elements of jazz.  the students worked extremely hard to learn this challenging material and performed it on Feb 24 at Presentation House Studio in North Vancouver. To our knowledge, this kind of adaptation of Carnatic music for large ensemble with voices and instruments is a unique project that has never been tried before and everyone was pleased with the results.

Another performance of this music will take place April 13, 2016 at the Blueshore Centre for the Performing Arts at Capilano U.  8pm, free admission.

Here are some video clips from the Fenruary  concert.  More to come soon....

Friday, 11 December 2015

Cap Jazz People on CBC Outstanding Albums of 2015

Cap Jazz faculty members and alumni are some of the top players in the country.  Several of them have made the cut for CBC Music 10 Outstanding Jazz Albums of 2015.

photo of Steve Kaldestad by Steve Mynett (from CBC website)
Steve Kaldestad leads a quartet of New York's finest on New York Afternoon (Cellar Live Records)

Bill Coon, Dave Robbins and Darren Radtke play on Oliver Gannon and Bill Coon, Two Much More (Cellar Live Records)

Bill Coon, Dennis Esson, Dave Robbins, Steve Kaldestad, Chad Makela, Brad Turner are all on this wonderful tribute to a former cap faculty member.  Jill Townsend Big Band, Legacy: The Music of Ross Taggart (Cellar Live Records)

Cory Weeds, Condition Blue (Cellar Live Records)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Paul Cram November Residency

Composer and multi-reed player, Paul Cram, is our artist in residence for November.  Paul began his career in Vancouver and was a key part of the scene here in the 70s and 80s, perhaps most importantly as co-founder of the New Orchestra Workshop and New Orchestra Quintet.  Paul then moved to Nova Scotia where he formed the Upstream Ensemble. He is now a signifcant force in creative music in that province.  More on Paul at his website 

Paul will be working with a large student ensemble on Saturday afternoons this month and then presenting a concert showing the fruits of their labours on Wednesday, December 2 at 11:30am..  Among other things, the ensemble will be working on Paul's scores for Buster Keaton films "The Navigator" and Steamboat Bill Jr".

We are really excited that Paul is sharing his music and his time with us!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Ian McDougall Residency Sept 29 - Oct 1

We are extremely pleased that Ian McDougall will be our artist in residence this week.  He will be on campus Tuesday through Thursday. Click on "Workshop & Concert Info" tab above for detailed schedule.

Ian is one of the finest trombone players on the planet and is renowned as a composer, arranger, and music educator.  Visit his website for more information:  www.ianmcdougall.com

The Tuesday masterclass and Thursday concert are open to all.  Rehearsals with A, B, and C band are open to as many as we can fit.  If you wish to attend other events, please speak directly to the instructors who are running the classes that Ian will be visiting.

Ian will also be giving a free concert and workshop with RIO at Vancouver Community College auditorium on Saturday, Oct 3, 1-3pm.  RIO is Ian, Ron Johnston (piano) and Oliver Gannon (guitar).

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ron's Flea

One of our faculty members, guitarist Ron Samworth, was diagnosed with cancer this past spring. A summer of chemo therapy treatments led to an operation last week. The treatments and surgery are going according to plan, but Ron has been unable to work for some time now and the recovery will be slow.

Another member of our faculty and fellow guitarist, Bill Coon, suggest that we hold a flea market to raise some funds to help Ron through this difficult time. This method of fund raising was especially appropriate as Ron is a 'picker' and veteran of many flea markets and garage sales. On Saturday, September 26, Capilano Jazz faculty members and many other members of the Vancouver music community showed up with musical goods and services to be sold. Others who couldn't make it on that day sent all kinds of things to be sold.  The room was full of vinyl records, CDs, musical gear, and music books.  Generous students, musician friends, and people from the community snapped up everything on offer in just a few hours and emptied their pockets for Ron. A very large sum of money was raised.

The feeling in the room was one of tremendous goodwill and community togetherness. Lots of recordings found new homes and everyone really enjoyed hanging out and sending love and positive vibes to Ron.  I am very proud of our Cap Jazz family for pulling together as a group to help a friend. Special thanks to Bill for thinking of the idea and organizing everything.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cap Jazz event calendar is up

The Jazz Studies Dept event calendar is now attached to this site.
Please click on "Workshop and Concert Schedule" or "More Concert Info" tabs above to see what is going on.
We are really excited about all of our upcoming events including residencies with Ian McDougall and Paul Cram, shows in the Blushore, and lots of lunchtime concerts and workshops.