Friday, 22 May 2015

Huge Cap Jazz Presence at 2015 Vancouver Jazz Festival

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival is one of the largest and most important events of its kind on the planet.  I really look forward to hearing music and performing each year. In addition to bringing in top jazz artists from around the globe, the festival always does a great job of showcasing musicians and bands from the Vancouver scene and Cap graduates and faculty are always a central part of that scene.  I spent some time this morning highlighting cap students, alumni, and faculty members in my festival program.

Some rough and ready stats:

58 events at the Festival will features Cap alumni, students or faculty.
38 Cap alums or current students will perform
15 faculty members will perform

Here is a list  (apologies if I missed anyone - the program listing don't always have all personnel for bands.)

Cap Alumni (38)
Arai, Bernie
Arntzen, Evan
Bentley, Jon
Blake, David
Conlinn, Juhli
Cox, Ian
Cronin, Sean
Davidovici, Eli
Dhillon, Neelamjit
Gaucher, Dan
Grdina, Gordon
Gubbels, Brent
Hodge, Jennifer
Luykx, Sandra Mae
Maskell, Colin
Meger, James
Minckler, Wynston
Minemoto, Sharon
Naso, Kristian
Northgraves, Bonnie
Pemberton, Dawn
Rushka, Paul
Saunier, Elea
Schmidt, Cole
Scott, Shannon
Sholberg, Russell
Sikula, David
Skonberg, Bria
Taylor, Dave
Thomas, Adam
Thue, Shannon
Toren, Cat
Tucker, Scott
Wagler, Michael
Weeds, Cory
Youngash, Gavin
Younger, Jeff

Faculty (15)
Allen, Mike
Burrows, Jared
Esson, Dennis
Hammet-Vaughn, Kate
Kaldestad, Steve
Korsrud, John
Lachance, Andre
Maddock, Steve
Makela, Chad
Mollerup, Laurence
Radtke, Darren
Robbins, Dave
Samworth, Ron
Turner, Brad

Vanderschyff, Dylan

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