Sunday, 31 May 2015

Pat Ernst Is Burning Up the Bow

The stories about grads on this blog often relate to flashy accomplishments like prizes, awards, tours, grants, and the like. Our grads do some really amazing, high-profile things, but just as important for me are the daily successes that alumni have in playing gigs and making a living through their art day to day. When he showed up at one of my gigs recently and recounted some of the things he was doing, I was amazed at the number and diversity of his musical activities. Pat is one of the most versatile violinists in the city and performs in many styles including celtic, jazz, flamenco, rock, mariachi, and just about anything else he may be asked to do.

Pat told me that the musical training he received at Cap has been critical in his success as a player. In particular, he cited the benefits of lessons with Bill Coon, learning to play tunes in twelve keys, and the challenge of large ensemble classes.

Pat has regular gigs in Whistler and Las Vegas with the Irish music band, The Whiskeydicks and performs with the Pat Ernst Trio, Los Mariachis Dorados, and Pearl Jig at venues such as the Tangent Cafe, Libra Room, and Kino Cafe. He also teaches violin lessons at Capilano's Community Music School. Finding success as a performing musician is a really significant accomplishment these days. I am really proud to see Pat out there playing so much and having a lot of fun doing it.

Here is a quick look at just some of the musical activities Pat has on the go. Why not go out an hear him play soon?

May 29th - Mariachi Festival Canada, District Theatre in Port Alberni
May 30th - Mariachi festival Canada Finale, Vogue Theatre in Vancouver
May 30-31 - Art in The Garden with The Pat Ernst Trio 4188 range crescent North Vancouver
June 1 - Capilano U Convocation ceremonies with The Pat Ernst Trio
June 3 - Kino Cafe with Toque Flamenco
June 4 - Ceili's Irish Pub with the Whiskeydicks, Richmond
June 5 - Whistler Brewing Co with The Whiskeydicks.
June 6 - Community Day in Ambleside with The Whiskeydicks at Ambleside Park 
June 10 - Kino Cafe with Toque Flamenco
June 12- Art in the Park in Lepage Park with The Whiskeydicks in Whitehorse YT.
June 12 - The Jarvis Saloon with The Whiskeydicks in Whitehorse YT
June 13 - 10th annual Sunstroke Music Fest in Whitehorse YT

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