Saturday, 22 June 2013

We're everywhere!

The Jazz Festival is upon us once again and there is an incredible amount of great music happening in the city.  As usual, our faculty and alumni are playing somewhere every day and every venue - often at multiple gigs in a day.  We're everywhere!

Here is a partial list of Cap Jazz people playing somewhere this week (I'm sure I have missed quite a few.....)  

Cat Toren
Bernie Arai
Dave Sikula
David Blake
Brent Mah
Shannon Thue
Gord Grdina
Jen Hodge
Jens Christiansen
Bruno Hubert
Adam Thomas
Andrew Rasmussen
Allan Johnston
Brent Gubbels
Scott Tucker
Jon Bentley
Russel Sholberg
Cory Weeds
Cole Schmidt
Evan Arntzen
Winston Minckler
Dan Gaucher
Brent Gubbels
Colin Maskell

Kate Hammett-Vaughn
Bill Coon
Jared Burrows
Dave Robbins
Brad Turner
Dylan Vanderschyff
Dennis Esson
Kevin Elaschuk
Ron Samworth
Chad Makela
Al Matheson
Andre Lachance
Steve Kaldestad
Chris Sigerson
Jodi Proznick

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