Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cap Jazz Student Travels the Spaceways

Students in the Cap Jazz program are busy with a lot more than just their classes.  They are creating their own careers while they learn new skills and ideas.

Xander Miller is a bass player and songwriter in the program who has interests in electronic, rock, cinematic, and experimental music. He will be releasing his first debut album 'Planetarium' on September 12th. Along with the release, he will be having a album release party on September 12th at the Vancouver Planetarium. 

Here is what Xander has to say about the project:

"Planetarium is a concept album that travels through our Solar System intending to take the listener on an audible journey through space. Characteristics of each galactic feature, such as climate, terrain, and size can be felt through the musical ideas and motifs that continue to impress emotions and discovery with each listen. Throughout history we have marveled at the stories and themes that our Greek and Roman ancestors brought to life through the tales of the planets; it is these ideas that inspired the provoking lyrics and rhythm heard throughout the album. With such depth in each song, listeners will find themselves taking in each track numerous times while continuing to unravel new layers in the process. Take a journey through the great expanse of the Solar System and view the planets from a new perspective - welcome to a sonic planetarium."

As Sun Ra used to say, "Space is the Place!"  We wish Xander all the best for this ambitious and creative project! 

Hear the music here:

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