Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Company B Jazz Band Triumphs in New Orleans

Company B Jazz Band returned recently from an incredible trip to New Orleans, where they were invited to perform in a unique event in honour of vocal jazz pioneers, The Boswell Sisters. Company B comprises six Cap Jazz alumni: Jennifer Hodge (bass), Shannon Scott and Juhli Conlinn (voice), Bonnie Northgraves (voice/trumpet), Dave Taylor (guitar), and Jens Christiansen (saxes/clarinet).

On Oct 10th, Company B Jazz Band performed in a Boswell Sisters Revue concert at the Old US Mint in New Orleans. The event was organized by the granddaughter of Vet Boswell and featured her pick of bands from around the world who perform Boswell repertoire including: O Sister! from Spain, The Boswell Project from Australia, The Hazelnuts from Israel, YazooZazz from Washington DC, The Pfister Sisters and Banu Gibson from New Orleans, and Company B.  Company B also performed at the renowned New Orleans jazz venue, The Spotted Cat.

Company B has been together since 2006, when they started transcribing Andrews Sisters arrangements. This led to an interest in the Boswell Sisters, who had been the Andrews' original inspiration. The Boswells were classically trained multi-instrumentalists from New Orleans who worked with the best jazz musicians of their day. Tunes and arrangements from the Boswells have formed the core repertoire for Company B for the last few years and the group has been very successful playing dances, clubs, and festivals around the Lower Mainland.

The event was covered by the Wall Street Journal - read the article here.

Watch the concert online here.

These wonderful young musicians are creating rewarding careers for themselves playing the music they love and we're so proud that they got their start at Capilano U.

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